Welcoming 2016!

HELLO 2016! It felt like I’ve just stepped into the year 2015, then suddenly it was december 31st and that moment of realization that tomorrow is next year.

A part of me couldn’t believe that my 31st birthday is coming soon, yet I was full of anticipation and hope to have a good birthday this time being happy. Yes, just being happy and doing what I want without extravagant spending! I am slowly counting down the years till I can buy my own flat. $$$ come please!

 photo IMG_3200_zpsh7qykqy9.jpg

With bosses and colleagues at Hilton hotel for lunch buffet on the last work day of the year.


Steamboat lunchie with a few of my best work buddies!


Countdown dinner and party at C’s house! Wefie with Kyan and Princess WoaWoa!




LOOK! I found WoaWoa’s TWIN!!


Simple hotpot dinner for the bellies.


I think I’ve been starved numerous times in year 2015, so I have the tendency to eat and eat!


We played some games and drank a lot of booze – probably more compared to what I drank for the whole year. ;-p


Cheryl even prepared party poppers! We adults had such fun popping and forgot that tiny little WoaWoa was there… terrifying her quite abit! OOPS!


I wish for everyone to have great health in this new year and to be happy always! 😉


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