Exercises To Do in The Office


Life is such. One moment we are feasting and celebrating the festive seasons, the next moment, we are struck by the fact that all those eating seems to impact the body in a way or other. It’s absolutely nothing new when we hear people complain about having no time for exercises at all. Blame it on the work hours, the after-work entertainment and other life commitments, we are all guilty of being the sit-the-day-away office worker.

I saw some bums (don’t ask me why) with dark patches due to excessive sitting and lack of blood circulation. To get the blood flowing in the  bum, here’s some exercises we can attempt while being physically at work!



Don’t belittle simple stretching exercises! It not only loosen up tensed muscles, but also stimulates blood and oxygen circulation. While doing stretching, I rest my tired eyes. 2-in-1, I like!



I sit but I can have ABS!

On days when there are many people walking around and I don’t want to draw attention to myself, I sit upright and do a tummy vacuum.

Booty Squeeze

I hope you are not thinking of squeezing your butt with your hands. The booty squeeze can be easily done, WITHOUT the hands! I do it at times after I get back to the office after lunch and not wanting to sit down immediately, or while I’m at the copier machine printing some documents.




Great simple workout for the butt and legs! Do only when you have enough space and don’t mind bosses or colleagues staring. Not everyone is used to seeing someone else exercise & not every bosses will be happy if their employees try to keep fit during work hours.



If you practise yoga, why not try some yoga moves while working? NOT the above photo of course unless you are working in a gym lol.


It’s perfectly okay to do some light moves in the work environment but do be mindful of the kind of workout you do to stay safe from scrutinization. ;-p

Thanks for reading and a Happy New Year!


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