Christmas Eve Party!

Hello! Have you read the post about the furkids all dressed up for the holiday season? Of course, the adults gonna have their own party too. Well, a food party to be exact!


Initially, potluck was proposed but due to the hectic work schedule and different timing, we settled on steamboat instead. Everyone loves steamboat! Thanks to Chef B, we also had 2 special dishes – Black Pepper Crayfish and Garlic Chilli Mussels! Soup base for the steamboat was lotus and carrot… damn awesome! NOM! 🙂


Garlic Chilli Mussels



Black Pepper Crayfish




While the guys indulge in PS4 games, the girls wanted some photos as memory.


With Princess Eva, whose ‘fake’ eyelashes were too heavy lol.

IMG_3038 IMG_3043

Eva at some point of boredom…


….but still quite happy to have so many playmates!


Lie here, lie there, lie everywhere.


We also had a gift exchange session which is not the typical you-pick-a-number-and-that’s-yours kinda procedure. Each number starting from 1, get to choose any gift. Any number that falls behind may choose to open the gift and ‘snatch’ someone’s else present that has been opened.


No.1 being the first, does not the chance to ‘snatch’ any until the very last. I was no.8, so I’ve gotten the 2nd best number! Do you know which number is the most less privileged? Hahahaha.


Thanks everyone for being so fun!


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