Accessories for Pawkids… They are so Ready for X’mas!

Ho HO Ho~ Merry Christmas! 😉

I ain’t exactly the kind of person who plans for Christmas parties so I usually go with the flow. Few weeks ago while shopping for some gifts, I derived excitement from choosing some bows and ties for the furkids too! I gotten these online at a few bucks each.

After I passed them to each furkid’s parent, I made them ‘submit’ in their best photos lol. Awwww~ so cute right!


BabyChia & Kiki – I hope you are not unfamiliar with them? 😉

BabyChia looks so cute in his starry tie, isn’t it? But he got scared by it when he was dozing off and heard his own bell tinkling away thinking it’s the monster Kiki… oh my…..

Whereas for Kiki, the moment I put on his smart checkered bow, he dashed here and there stubbornly swearing to remove it himself. Then, he got it stuck in his mouth. I had to remove it straight away and never put it on for him ever again. WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE SILLY ANGRY BOY HERE. It has happened before when we got him his first collar, he also jammed his own jaw open with the collar which was still a bit big for him at that time. We had to wait till he fattened up a bit before safely wearing it on him.

BabyChia always look really sad in photos even though he’s not, but you may like to check out his happy-looking faces in this post. As for the little rascal, Kiki, read about how he was rescued and homed if you haven’t! He also likes to occupy the bed even though he has his favourite hammock and a few beds.



B’s Eva girl who turned me into her massage slave. My true princess. See this photo. I chose a red polkadot bow for her so it can stand out from her grey coat.


Val’s Creamie whom I have never met and over-estimated his size, thus the black and white polkadot tie looks a little too big for him. ;-p

Look at that face though! I am sure this innocent look indirectly manipulate his Mommy! Haha!


Lastly, my bestie’s old dog who LOVES his accessories to bits and refused anyone to remove it at all. I babysat him for a week when the pals went overseas. Read here. Red checkers for the gentleman to huat his new year!

Moral of the story:

Next time I’ll buy things for the dogs only.. shall not get our cat anything. He’s perfectly fine being naked ahaha.


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