Kiki Turns One!

Hello December!

It seems like yesterday when Kiki was rescued from the canal. It has been numerous vet visits for his vaccination and for times when he ate junk and had diarrhea. Year 2015 is truly busy and tiring! I am more exhausted than exhausted! Hahaha!

Anyway, since Kiki was a stray, we don’t know his exact birth date. The vet estimated it to be mid of December… That’s makes him 1 year old already! (Although his size seems big for his age lol)


Look at how small he was when he was less than 3 months old! I could carry him easily with just one palm!



Weighing more than 5kg and the body length almost half of the bed.

Because he looks so big, sometimes we forget that he is still a baby that’s why he’s so naughty!


The other day he was feeling so lazy and tired and he kept snoozing. He put one paw around himself like a self-hug. This cat’s life is good! Sleep and sleep, but when he’s awake in the middle of the night, he will “talk” to us non-stop.


Hey fatty sandwich cat.


So the other day I bought him this cute hamburger bed from qoo10! We saw online so many cats enjoy snuggling inside and playing peek-a-boo…. SO CUTE!

It looks like this….


awwww so cute~

But…. Kiki never once wanna sleep or step into it! He hates crampy spaces. He doesn’t squeeze himself into cardboxes or paperbags.


My Reality….


I kinda forced him in for less than a minute…. and he HATES it.

WHY IS HE SO DIFFERENT?? *LOL* Waste my money @#$%&*#

Anyone wants it? Sell you $15, brand new (tested once only). I got it at $20+.


All the beds he has, he only sleeps on OUR bed. #KueySio

Moral of the story: Don’t bother buying any more beds for him.

I also got him this backpack carrier aka stroller thingy so that we don’t have to handcarry a total of 10kg (kiki 5kg, cage 5kg = 10kg weights for single hand?) for future vet visits. We tried putting him into it and he was like smashing around inside like crazy and trying to get out. Our cat is so not domestic at all lol. How to push him out to vet ah next time? #headache

Once we tested leash on him and he couldn’t walk at all. The second time was better but it must be within his comfort zone hahaha. Check it out HERE.

This cat ah…. manja only when he likes it. I think all other stray cats downstairs love me more than Kiki loves me wahahaha.

Anyway, Kiki has a birthday wish!

That is to grow up and stop attacking humans’ legs for nothing.

(haha ok that’s MY wish)



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