Tattoo Project Part 2

I embarked on my tattoo modification project part 1 less than a month ago and I am SO NERVOUS as the date scheduled for part 2 got nearer each day! This time, I had my ankle tattoo touched up (finally I mustered the courage to!) & did a brand new ink at my wrist!


Actually gf got the date & I was supposed to be working but I had a day off to claim so might as well go with her!


Chilling by the sofa playing games while she is having her shading done for the whole upper arm.


45 minutes before hers was done, I applied some numbing cream. Yes… I was super afraid of the ankle tattoo because I had an extremely BAD experience 7 years ago.

I had 2 small chinese characters which I wanted to cover up. My friends (who were a couple back then) were so enthusiastic about being tattoo apprentices. They bought the machine and inks, and asked if I wanted to let them do a tattoo for me. Being the fearless young adult at that time, I readily agreed to be their GUINEA PIG & even paid them $50 as requested thinking it’s fine, just treat it as encouragement.

GOD, it was the MOST STUPID decision I made ever! I didn’t know their skills were THAT LOUSY. It was so bad that I was in excruciating pain…. My skin tore, my bone felt like it was broken. It happened to be CNY period shortly after, but my ankle was so swollen that I couldn’t even wear the high-top sneakers I intended. Not to mention, I walked sideways down the stairs (lift upgrading not done then) and my family was laughing at me for being stupid.


The ink healed but the color did not go up well… Since then, this tattoo became the ugliest tattoo on my body.

Moral of my story: Trust no friends when it comes to things that require proper skills.



Anyway, I was telling J that I always help her take nice photos like this…

IMG_2514Then the only one she took for me looks like this….. zzz my fatty armpit is artistic.


Got a candid shot of J while she is telling me how the inner arm hurts more lol.

IMG_2512When Jap started on my ankle, I was either yelling or totally silent. Ankle is pain like shit seriously because of all the bones and nerves. Dry skin also contributed to the pain factor. I loudly announced “No more ankle tattoos for me!”

Thankfully, Jap was super quick at getting it done in order to make me suffer less!


No more ugly faded tattoo!!! ;-D


Next is my wrist tattoo! I’ve looked forward to this! J & I had been wanting to do this Hebrew word which means “Faith” for the longest time ever and we managed to get it before 2015 is over! *phew* Hers is “implanted” on her upper arm among her celtic tattoo. (Show you in another post!)


I did it on my wrist because I want to be able to look at it every day and remind myself to have faith in myself, us and whatever I do.


I guess that’s all for year 2015! I already had 2 more ideas for next year hehe!

Check out Jap’s portfolio on Kustoms 7 Tattoos.


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