Tattoo Project Part 1

I’ve had this tribal skull/skeleton tattoo on my arm since the age of 18 (I’m turning 31) and after years of losing and putting on weight, then training for some muscles, the skull got a little distorted and a little lonely on the space of my upper arm. A few mozzie bites also took the color off the outline a little. Damn, didn’t know my blood still so sweet and tasty with all those ink underneath. ;-p

The idea of a tattoo modification has been in my mind for years but it didn’t happen thanks to a million excuses. Until this year, and past that health-hazardous 29th, I decided it’s time to stop dilly-dallying!

To be honest, I did not know which tattoo artist to go to at first. I had 3 person in my mind and was looking through their portfolio on Facebook & Instagram.

One day while having a few hours free at home, I told the gf to check with her recommended artist, Jap, if he’s free for our consultation. He did and we literally flew down! (Some times when I wanna get something done, I do it immediately haha) We successfully had a good chat and telling him our ideas and this is it! Finally my appointment day!

I told Jap I’ll like to add on other elements that’s not tribal, a little pop-artsy, something like those splatter paint art.

He found a few images, suggested not to cover up my original tribal… after a lot of consideration and working on the limited space on my upper arm… he cut a skull head printout in half and smack it in 2 different corners of my tribal.

Half done… took a break.

Arm-ful of skulls 😉

The designing, mock-up and actual hands-on took less than 3 hours.

I love my new ink!Pending for touchup session and I’ve already scheduled a time with Jap for my ankle project!

Some people asked me “Don’t you regret putting tattoo on your arm?”

To be honest, when I did it at the age of 18, it was on the arm for convenience (else it would have been on my back… but I didn’t wanna remove my clothes then), but I also told myself that if I wanted to do something, there is no chance to regret. I must NOT regret. There are times when it’s a little troublesome. Eg: Hot weather but still gotta cover up. I did it, so instead of regretting, I will love it.


In my harmless Mickey muscle tee

Sometimes I watch strangers who start judging my tattoos… and as their eyes travel to my face (damn guai with specs, damn aunty with specs & WITHOUT makeup), they got a little taken aback as I look back at them innocently or auntie-ishly. Man, this mindfucking moments thrill me.

Will post another pic after it healed! Follow me on Instagram @Herine_ang if you haven’t! 😉


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