Making Our Own Sushi

We were all so inspired to make our own sushi! With more Japanese supermarkets and Daiso outlets (thankfully got Daiso!) around, homemade sushi is even easier! It was so fun DIY-ing but definitely not very friendly with the pockets.

Ready for some sticky fun!

We bought the sushi rice, shoyu and vinegar from MEIDI-YA (Liang Court), some Tamago, ebiko, lobster salad Kuriya Japanese Market, the rest from Cold Storage & the mat and sushi mould from Daiso (Tampines 1).

Jesz & her Mom making their own gunkans and rolls

This is my first Hosomaki that consisted of tamago, cucumber and crabstick! Not too bad right? ;-D

Here’s the different sushi rolls’ names.

  1. Hosomaki (“thin roll” – rice on inside, nori on the outside)
  2. Chumaki  (“medium roll” – rice on inside, nori on the outside)
  3. Futomaki  (“thick roll” – rice on inside, nori on the outside)
  4. Uramaki   (“inside-out roll” – rice on outside, nori on the inside)
  5. Temaki     (“hand roll” – cone-shaped roll)

Jesz’ Mom’s first roll

Lotsa ebiko eat until shiok.

Someone tio forced to try doing one roll instead of making so many gunkan sushi at one corner!

Very serious making rolls… actually is dunno how to make sure the ingredients don’t fall out lol cos she was attempting Chumaki.

Squeeze it baby! You want a nice shape!

End up the nicest-looking Futomaki came from the uncle who didn’t really wanna try at first! #defeated

I also got a pandan flavored Hokkaido Cheese Cake from Kuriya Japanese Market for only $12.80! It was so so yummy! I gotta buy it for my family every other week! Ahaha!

Thanks for reading on a Friday! And if you are keen to make your own over the weekend, I have already mentioned the places to get from. Have fun! 😉


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