We were at Liang Court the other day to get some sushi-making stuff (post up next!) & we decided to get dinner at Tampopo so we can check out what’s the hype about! It was the gf’s belated birthday dinner treat from the sister & friend. Check out our staycation at D’Resorts if you haven’t!

No idea why I kept having the word “tan-gu-gu” in my mind when I thought of Tampopo. Well, maybe because dinner crowd was pretty strong and we queued quite awhile for it? ;-p

Sashimi Mix

I no like the tuna square bites. I can’t chew like a granny.

California Roll

It’s not too bad. Can’t go wrong with cali rolls and maki.

Ika Teriyaki

We all love this cuttlefish! So chewy and the teriyaki sauce is not too overwhelming. No chao-tar taste too.

Stir Fry Pork Liver with Chive

This dish is interesting! On the menu, we thought it’s a Chinese dish with beansprouts but how Tampopo did the pork liver puzzled us! It was somehow marinated, coated and deep fried before stir-frying with the chives and all.

Wagyu Beef Don set

This don set looked oh-so-delicious on the menu but different-and-ultra-disappointing in reality.

I chewed so much that I think if I did botox in the jaw muscles, they wouldn’t take effect all.

Crabmeat Porridge

I was expecting crab claw meat… well, this tasted fine but probably something everyone will ask why when you order at a Japanese restaurant.

Overall, the food was quite decent. I might just be good and order the ramen/curry don to play safe. The sushi and sashimis are good too.

Total bill came up to $170+ (includes another ramen & curry rice set). Pricey, I would say.


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