The Girlfriend’s Obsession with Naked Palettes

My girlfriend is obsessed with buying Urban Decay Naked Palettes for me. Every time we passes by Sephora, I gotta stop her from going into the store in case she decides to splurge on the newer Naked Smoky palette for me.

Weird, isn’t it? It should be the other way round hahaha! I love the eyeshadows of course, but I didn’t see the necessity of owning more than the Naked3 she gotten me last year as I do not apply makeup as often as I did in the past.

I don’t deny I picked up the tester palette in Sephora few days ago when Jesz’ sis was in there getting her stuff. I was gushing in awe at the casing… and some more when I opened it… Gosh, it’s beautiful. I literally drooled.

I faster put it back to the shelving in case Jesz saw me ooohhing at it (and buy impulsively); afterall, I am the author of “Tips on Saving Up to $10,000 – $12,000 In 1 Year for Regular Executives“, no? I NEED to exercise good discipline.

After I checked out some brow kits with J’s sis, we were ready to leave, only to find out from J’s Mom that she is queuing at the cashier. She didn’t have to tell me what she was paying for. I flew to the cashier but I was a minute too late.

And there you go… A new Naked Smoky waiting for me to explore and experiment. If I’m not lazy I will share some photos here. 😉

(ps: Must ban the gf from Sephora shopping. Guys, I totally understand you lol)


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