A Lunch Date at Sumire Yakitori House

Thanks to the bad service at TCC, J & I had the chance to dine at Sumire Yakitori House which we never fail to pass by when we are at Bugis junction. It’s the kind of restaurant that looks expensive but surprisingly not!

We had a wonderful and relatively peaceful lunch date (was mid afternoon)! I even got a bit too boozy-happy! 😉

Takowasa (Seasoned Wasabi Octopus), $4.90

A raw appetizer that sent us into a good jaw muscle exercise. Best with some booze!

Meatballs with Teriyaki sauce, Mayo & Cheese, $4.90

Enoki Bacon (Ninniku Shoyu), $3.90

I’ve not tasted any yakitori/skewers as good as what Sumire serves! Every bite was a delight and we morphed into 2 kids nom-ing and hmm-ing at each savor. The meats are grilled to perfection!

Salmon Don with Salmon Roe, $13.90

The promotion set comes with a miso soup. They can’t go wrong with salmon dons anywhere, can they? All you need is free salmon, a decent portion and nice vinegar rice. Healthy and fulfilling! Love it! (especially with chilli!)

Chawanmushi, $3.90

I don’t see such price in the Japanese restaurants I visit, except for Umi Sushi (the small take-away stall at MRT station) but this quality, this price, the branding… cannot compare! GOOD!

Cripsy Gyoza with Yuzu Mayo, $6.90

The gyoza were drained off of the oil properly before served. The yuzu mayo pleasing to the tastebuds. Crispy, meaty with that refreshing yet creamy sauce… ooh~

Ebi Ninniku Mayo (Tiger Prawn with Garlic Mayo), $4.90

You know how some grilled prawns get screwed up and the meat turns dry? Not this one! The prawn is so juicy that not even the cheese can disguise its sweetness!

Nasu Niku Miso with Cheese (Eggplant with Chicken Miso Paste with Cheese), $4.20/2pcs

This Eggplant with Cheese is da bomb! I love eggplants but to be honest, it’s hard to be able to eat really nicely-cooked eggplants. Eggplants are generally quite tasteless, so the seasoning and ingredients paired with it must compliment but not steal its original flavor. The chicken miso paste and cheese creates a bursting flavor and the softness of the main ingredient was an exciting texture!

I love this so much!

Kaku Highball (Suntory Whiskey and Soda) $8.90

This was what got me high in the afternoon! Cheap thrill!

You can check out their menu online HERE.

We would highly recommend you to try out Sumire Yakitori House if you haven’t. Not only food is great, the service staff are all so smiley and friendly! Kudos!

Happy stomachs, happy for the rest of the day!

This is our new FAVOURITE makan place! We are gonna visit the place again next week! Woots!
Sumire Yakitori House is located at:
Bugis Junction, No.80 Middle Road #01-88/89
Click here for their Facebook page.

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