The Workout for a Perky Booty and Toned Arms & Legs

We girls worry about prolonged sitting because that might cause a flat, squashed-looking bottom. I worry about it way more than most people cos I really have this fetish for booties. Thankfully, NOT all sitting is bad.

The wall sit exercise is a great quad burner and generally used for building  strength and endurance in the quadriceps muscle group, glutes and calves.

Why am I infatuated with a perky butt? The reason is simple: whatever bottom you wear seems nicer… and it’s just plain sexy! A well-developed ass is just like as a collagen-packed skin, full of youth & vitality.

I had a relatively perky butt that I took way for granted until my early 20s. I was horrified to find that my once ‘roof-top ka-chng’ (super perky booty) had descended to the ‘basement’ and into my thighs. I then realized that even though God has given me a slim figure with nice butt, but he was also telling me that I gotta work hard to maintain it! Laziness will not get me up HIGH!

While trimming the triceps, do a butt-tuck or tummy vacuum at the same time to save time.

3 years ago, a friend recommended a 30 minutes workout video – Gillian Michaels 30 Days Shred: Level 1 that I did for a year or more. Within a month I started, I successfully lost flabs and toned up! Awesome!

Recently I came across a Jen Selter’s video tutorial that Cosmopolitan shared on how to get a kickass butt. Watch below.

There are 7 steps in this Butt Pop Workout which I reduced it to 5 since Singaporeans tend to associate a perky booty as a fatty booty, so let us tone it down a little.

1. Squat with side leg raise x 25 per side

2. Swaying bridge x 25

3. Squat Pulse x 25

4. Clams x 25 per side

5. Straight leg donkey kick x 25 per side

Pushups/ Straight planks are great, effective core workouts too.

Get your free workout trial with me HERE!

So, keep calm and sit away for your sexy booty. 😉


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