Shep Pie for BabyChia

We got BabyChia a Shepard Pie and some mini pizzas for dogs at Pet Lovers Centre (Vivocity outlet)! The pie smelled so good that Jesz & I tasted a bit to have a feel! I always have this habit lol. At times, I will chomp a small part of dog biscuit to try myself. Oops.

The Shep Pie was divided into 2 separate consumption as it’s quite big for a small dog. It cost $4.95 for this piece but so worth it to see BabyChia enjoyed it so much!

See him licking his face in anticipation? šŸ˜‰

When we set the bowl down on the floor, he sniffed at his food and gave us this confused look! I guessed he wasn’t sure nor used to having pie! Initially I was worried that he wouldn’t wanna eat it, but it was uncalled for because he licked his bowl cleaner than we can wash in a minute!

Check out BabyChia’s attempt to walk his human & his outing with us to Cornerstone Cafe!


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