White Tangerine Cafe at D’resorts Downtown East

The only makan place available in D’resort – White Tangerine Cafe serves a wide selection of food from local, to HK dim sum and western cuisine.

On the second day of our little staycation, we decided to have our breakfast there for the sake of convenience. The prices are affordable. The gf & I had a go at their brunches and ordered siew mai to share, completed with 2 long blacks! There wasn’t any crowd on a Sunday morning, hence we enjoyed the peace we can get.

I had Tuna Croissant with Scrambled Eggs and Baked Beans and it was much better than gf’s 63 degrees poached eggs with smoked salmon on toast. (I regretted not remembering to take photos of it!)

The only sad thing is that the tuna was a tad too dry and the croissant a little too charred for my preference.

Gf’s meal was badly done. Although we LOVE soft-boil eggs, we definitely weren’t used to almost raw eggs with whites still transparent. I had the staff to bring into the kitchen to microwave up abit but it came out the same, thus gf had to skip her favorite protein. When I asked her how was the rest on her plate, she merely replied “How wrong can smoked salmon and toast be?”

She didn’t quite like the siew mai either because the meat instead of the usual minced kind, was whole and chewy (which was actually okay for me).

I think she enjoyed the long black the most lol


Jesz: 5/10          Me: 6/10


Me: 6/10


Jesz: 7/10          Me: 7/10


The White Tangerine Café can be found at:

  1. D’Resort (1, Pasir Ris Close, #02-201, D’Resort@Downtown East)
  2. China Square Central (18 Cross Street, #B1-05).

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