Rainforest Executive Room in D’Resorts at Downtown East

D’Resorts officially launched in mid August 2015. I got to say it looks like no downtown east chalet ever! I was already hovering around the website viewing the beautiful chalet rooms and I went in to make my booking the next day for the gf’s birthday in October.

The first choice I wanted was the Rainforest Premier Suite, which wasn’t available for booking. I figured they only have 1 room and they are probably reserved for media to get all the exposure and coverage they can. So, I tried to book the Rainforest Suite… Nope, not opened for booking. Then, I thought the Beach Cove Duplex looks great too! Ah, not opened for booking too. #QuiteSianAtThisPoint

After trying to arrange the dates, I finally managed to book the Rainforest Executive room designed for peace and serenity, which totally looks like any other boutique hotel’s room! It has no access to the BBQ pits so it should be a nice place to unwind! I also saw from their gallery a gorgeous rainforest view from the indoor balcony, but they have since changed the image! o_O

The whole downtown east is under revamp so we gotta walk in from the carpark at downtown east. Look out for the signs at the carpark entrance! If you walk into downtown east itself, you will have to walk all the way out again.

check-in/out here!

I was glad the hotel chalet’s lobby is the same building as where the rainforest rooms are!

Jesz, Vivienne and I hurried along the corridor of our designated room, tapped the card and I was ready to wow myself inside out. The woody theme of the room is absolutely lovely…







Photoshopping credit: The bff





I was sad. Construction view really? I should have know right when I walked all the way in. It took me a good while to get over it hahaha.


Bff enjoying her construction view

Beanbag big enough for two!

nice corner for pics but no model caliber.. too bad lol

Bff was taking the chance to take nicely-lit pics.. but that view.. TSK!!

The bathroom is much better than the old downtown east chalet’s but there’s one BIG issue….

There isn’t any soap dispenser nor small rack to hold the shower products.

You have 2 choices:

  1. Open & close the shower glass door for each step of your shower procedures. 3-5 times for the ladies. 1 time for the men who uses shampoo/bodywash for the entire body lol.
  2. Bring the chair at the desk outside into the bath area. (which is what we did)

Wild Wild Wet free entry tickets and some food coupons you will receive when you check-in

Bff told me to F off when I wanted to take photos….

but still let down her hair and vainly took 1 pic with me hahaha

Another bff came to celebrate Jesz’ bday!

dear + spongebob-01

Happy Birthday my dear. Vivienne said your shadow looked like Spongebob Squarepants so I put him in the pic with you.

2 points to consider booking a room now while they are still under construction:

  1. Soundproof level is really poor. I can hear people pushing trolley on the ground floor. I stayed on the 5th. Activities at the corridor were really loud too. Fellow ‘peaceful & serenity’ rainforest stayers come in huge groups fyi.
  2. Long walk out to Ehub/Downtown East for food if you are not doing BBQ. The entire area hasn’t opened up fully.

Other than that, the room is really beautiful. The wooden platform which acted as the indoor balcony served us and a game of monopoly well.


D’Resort @ Downtown East

1 Pasir Ris Close, S519599
Tel: 6589 1865, 6582 3322


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