My Life as a Dog’s Nanny

My pals went on a week-long holiday and I was entrusted with the task of being a dogsitter. When they approached me to help ‘babysit’ a couple months ago, I readily agreed after making sure that my schedule has been blocked for them.

♦Subject: Louis, 14 year old male dog

♦Breed: Jack Russell

♦Medical history: Heart murmurs/ arthritis

How hard could this be right? The dog ain’t stranger with me. We used to play together until he got a little too old to be playing mad like me.

I was ferried over to pals’ house the night before they are due to fly off so we can run through the routine and medication. When I finally got to bed that night, it was after 3.30am. 2 hours later, I was up to say goodbye to my friends.

Bribing and coaxing him with a treat. Can you see tears of frustration in my eyes? wahahaha

I didn’t manage to go back to sleep because Louis does not like people closing any doors on him. *sniffs under door, whines & bark*

His meal and medication in the mornings are much easier than the nights – Dry food + milk with his syrup.

As for dinners, he takes boiled broccoli, carrots and some meat cut up into some pieces + grinded tablets. This is the meal he will take a super long time to want to get to it and attempt to eat because he could smell medicine inside. The entire dinner can take up to 2 hours, including his pooping that sirens off his weird howl-bark and dashing around the house. LOL.

Louis has his own bed outside the bedroom corridor (which I moved into the bedroom the following night), but because he refused to let me sleep with the door closed, I left the door open the next 7 nights so he could trot to and fro the entire night with his long nails on the floor like a horse half-galloping. He didn’t really care that I am a light sleeper. #HalfCryHalfLaugh

I acceded to his whiny request not because I wanna spoil him, but because I knew he felt insecure with his owners away and also I didn’t want his constant deafening barks to keep the neighbors awake. He watched me closely while I do my toilet business, shower and change IF I didn’t tell him sternly to wait outside. By the third night, I was missing my toilet privacy and sleep a damn load.

Sleep attempted from day 2 to 4: 3 hours/day

Louis: “The moment you walk away, I’ll stealing your fries off the plate.”

After 4 days, I think he was getting used to having me there care for him. I think he sort of fears me because whenever he decided to bark when I had the bathroom door closed, he will ‘fly’ off the moment he heard me opening the door. If I look at him not saying a thing, he hanged his head low and avoided my stares. Haha. This is not easy ok! Everyone says I am bully-able! My years of cultivating a better me is successful ok!

Sleep attempted from day 5 & 6: 4 hours/day

Louis: “Your bread smells medicine-free. Put it nearer to my face I will chomp it all down including your hand.”

At times when he doesn’t get too whiny like a spoiled kid, he’s actually very manja and adorable la.

He followed me everywhere as long as I was on my feet walking to whichever part of the house. He likes taking selfies too.

I remembered one night I got home slightly later than the usual timing and he barked at me to show his displeasure oops.

Eat halfway see me taking pics so he gei gei walked and stood beside me so he got a part in it too.  hahaha.

Manja old boy wants a spot on my lap

Every day after work, I try not to have any dinners out or other programs because the dog has got to eat his medicine in case he collapses. I’m a homely person, so that wasn’t a big issue for me. I missed home-cooked food though. Taking care of a dog is not easy…..Taking care of an elderly dog with health issues is a greater challenge. We need to dedicate time and lotsa love for them. I’ve never meet any dogs that are really easy to take care of except for BabyChia!

After this one week ‘staycation’, I had a good feel of how it feels like to be staying alone. Man… I did feel a little lonely except for Friday night when the friends came over for mahjong. A pet would be good, but require to sacrifice a lot of things. I didn’t have time to play any games or watch a full hour of TV either. Now, is this how housewives feel like?

Bestie asked me would I take care of Louis again if they go on a holiday. My reply?

“Bring me on the holiday too!”


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