The Reason Why I Celebrate Turning 30

No girls, no women celebrate turning older! And the only reason why I am glad that I’m finally 30 is the change of my identity card. My friends have urged me to change my photo since I was 17.

I didn’t change the old pic because:

  1. I wanna remember how ugly I was last time lol
  2. I wanna remind myself how my hair, eyebrows and makeup changed me
  3. I didn’t want to pay $60 to change my IC
  4. Just too lazy to do anything about it actually

For the last 14 years, I have some experiences due to my old IC:

  1. Was refused entries into clubs because bouncers thought I used someone’s else IC
  2. Was laughed at because I had watermelon face (in IC) and then a payaya face (back then when I was clubbing)
  3. Almost got brought back to the police station when my friends and & I were stopped at a roadblock. The police officers were very sure that I used a fake IC. Wow. They were more sure than me that that wasn’t me in the photo. I have always hope that wasn’t me either.
  4. People giving me the raised brow look whenever they need my IC for registrations of any sorts.

Then finally, I received a letter to re-register my IC! Hooray! I dragged a bit, and finally went to do it last week at ICA personally! It cost only $10, ready by the next 2 days! Cheaper than passport sia! I didn’t do it via letter or online cos I was kinda late and my PC seemed to have a problem when it comes to the image editing part.

So, you wanna see how my old IC looked like??





You can laugh all you want now.






I swear no one except my friends see this before. This is the first social media leak ever.

On the left, when I was 15 years old but look like 40.

The long hair one was taken for my passport a few years ago and I looked like foreigner somehow. My bangs and hair once tuck behind, sure not nice!

The middle short hair with bangs was taken earlier this year and the extreme right was the one taken just on the morning when I was at ICA. Damn, so ugly lor. I need to go cut bangs again. Was that water retention on my face or collagen in my skin cells? wahaha!

So yeah, do you feel you know me so much better after seeing my unfiltered photos? ;-p


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