I’m a Gadget Jinx

gorilla rage on computer memeI destroy ’em all without meaning to.

People think I’m so thrifty cos I hardly splurge on gadgets and phones. It’s true to a certain extent, but what makes up the other part of it is: Nothing lasts long in my hands.

People can use a phone for 3 years, I use less than one year will have problems already. And I am the kind who take SUPER GOOD CARE of my things. My friends/colleagues gotta keep a safe distance from me lest I jinx theirs too.

4 years ago, my PC was on fire. Black smoke emitted from my CPU, followed by a fire flame. I had no idea I exhausted my PC that much. I heard how people leave their computers on the entire night and almost 24/7. I was using mine for only 12 hours a day.

In the last 10 years, I cannot remember how many pcs have I changed for home and work. Sigh.

So the other day, I accompanied my sister to Singtel to buy her a phone. Her contract wasn’t up yet, so I used mine to recontract for her. Then, I was telling her since I can only use hers to recontract next year’s Feb, my phone better not gimme any problems. Thanks to my swaychui (unlucky mouth), my iphone 5s hangs, jams and started its aging.

dont jinx it!Hence, I gotta watch my mouth from now on! *caresses phone & pc & whispers I love you*


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