Pump It, Baby!

I’m small but I’m not without strength at all. Strength doesn’t come for free. And because I don’t wanna look like the typical frail petite girls with straight stick-like limbs, I am adamant on building some nice curves.

Most of you would have known that I’ve been working out regularly. I keep buying sports-related stuff. In the past, I have only some dumbbells at home. Now, I have weights, Revoflex Xtreme & pushup bars (rotating & fixed)! I mostly bought them from qoo10 cos cheap la haha.

I wanted a pull-up bar too but those portable doorway pullup bar can’t fit my doorway cos mine is tiled! And for now, I have nowhere in the room that I can mount one onto the wall… so I guess I gotta wait. I don’t mind going neighbourhood fitness stations to use la, but hor not the pull-up bar cos it’s way too high up for me lol.

Revoflex Xtreme

Some device with resistance band, very multi-functional. Got it for slightly over $10 here.

Some people ask me what’s the difference doing the normal palms-on-ground pushups & using pushup bars. To be frank, I didn’t know initially but I was thinking it might be easier for me cos I have sweaty palms which tend to slip on surfaces so I need something to grip; and because I didn’t want to over-strain my wrists!

Pushup bars on rotating discs

This pair of pushup bars are so stable, it won’t slip when I use them on my tiled floor. It also comes with a workout chart so you can refer to and see what kinda positions you can engage in.

I personally like this the most because I find that I involve my core muscles a lot. Even when I don’t go all the way down like normal pushups, I can feel my muscles working!

I got this for $11.40 here.

Kiki trying to mimic me

And lastly, the regular pushup bars that I gotten it for $4.90 here. It was selling for $18.90 in one of the big sports brand shop! #IamTheThriftyGuru

The grip is good, however, I suggest putting it on a mat or carpet as it tends to slip.

You might wanna check out my blog post on Ladies Fitness Circuit Class by Kevin Chiak to see what kind of resistance training I do and how to come for a non-obligatory free trial! So far, I have brought quite a few friends to try it out and they like it! 😉

I’m no longer underweight! I’m currently a super healthy 46kg with a cute height of 153.4m lol. I think I would still look slim even if I reach 50kg as compared to those days I was 44kg without exercising. Yay to a leaner body!


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