Singapore Nationals Weekend 2015

cropped-FB-Pg-Web-Cover_SNW2015There is always a first in life! As much as I used to think that bodybuilding is overwhelming, I find myself curious and thinking about how much efforts a bodybuilder puts in before he/she has the chance to compete against others on stage. I also have this fetish for muscles ever since I-dunno-when and it wasn’t only until recently did I know that other than the typical bodybuilding, there’s categories like physiques, fitness and bikini too.

 photo IMG_0060_zps3gqharlr.jpg

parade of the athletes

SFMS sets a record of 200 participants this year, with the oldest bodybuilder at the age of 80.


SFMS Women’s Bikini

Spotted Shixin as one of the contestants!

I am seeing bikini-worthy girls differently now. Lean, toned, non-flabby arms & legs are so much sexier in my opinion.


SFMS Women’s Bikini

These ladies make me wanna work harder for that fab body! One of them just gave birth less than a year ago!


A bikini figure should be of one who owns sexy curves and tight skin.


You can be 40, you can be a mother of 2, but you still rock that body.


The young men were really cute posing. When the emcee said “Impress the judges!”, you will see that they really do their best!

official results

Smoothies for energy & performance

Healthy nutritious food at The Naked Meals.

Some serious nutrition talk going on? Poor Tiffany gotta eat & listen to me at the same time lol.

A good view of my pink hair done by Tonny. 😉


We couldn’t stay throughout the event. Would love to & I’m looking forward to next year!

Do check out Singapore Fitness Model Search on Facebook!


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