My Mother Inspires Me

I was brought up with strict rules, manners, hygiene and in a clean environment. Since young, I live in an environment that’s clean and readily there for me almost all the time.

Mom’s OCD was quite bad. Just to name a few:

  • she ensured that after my sister & I finished playing with our toys, it’s being kept back to the exact placement and sequence she wants
  • she will force me to pick up my fallen hair strands by hand before I can go to school
  • She did not allow any textbooks or anything to be placed on the table other than study times (yes, she expects nothing on the table)

It was until I was old enough and living outside at times that made me realize and understand all those efforts that my Mom had put in.

I didn’t know that cleaning the walls, ceilings, fan, door, cabinet, wardrobe, sweep and mop can be SO TIRING. And it’s just a bedroom I’m talking about. Take it a once-a-week basis – I still find it extremely time and energy consuming.

Because of real life experience, I learn how to appreciate and make my Mom & my helper feel appreciated.

  1. Don’t Take A Clean Environment For Granted
  2. Don’t take food on the table for granted
  3. Don’t take clean, folded clothes for granted

Every little thing in life was made possible by lots of efforts by someone. I am thankful.


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