August’s Achievements

I’ve decided to keep track of my achievements, small or big, on a monthly basis so I can look back at it in future and give myself a pat on my shoulder to motivate for more improvements!

I wanna share with you 4 achievements this month!

1. Planking 1 minute x 3

I’m bad at planking anything more than 20 seconds. My old slipped disc area hurts and I give up by 30 seconds usually. This month when Kevin started making us plank and hold for a full minute, I was roaring and trembling in exhaustion but I made it!

2. Creating AI png file

I suck at IT, gadgets and design software. I never learn how to convert a jpeg to png until I gotta do product shoot and edit the image for work. Thanks to my colleague GY for teaching me! #SeeingFloatersAlready

3. Alternate planking  

Saw some fitness video of a man doing alternate plank that resembles planking and switching to a pushup position continuously.

Check out my video on Instagram HERE!

4. Push-Up (Men style)

The most I did was 20. Women style. Hahaha.

It wasn’t until after undergoing training by Kevin Chiak with a group of ladies that I attempted to try the men style again since I figured I have more strength now.

I did 8 after 3 rounds of training, 10 if I started pushup as my first station. Video HERE!



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