Are You on My Nerves?

Are you sitting on my nerves without knowing it?

I confess that I’ve have a rotten temper  when I was in my teenage years & early 20s. But the recent years changed me tremendously. I think it has something to do with my age and many life experiences. I’ve also come to terms with many things and growing a stronger desire to be a better and nicer person. I only nag a lot at people I care about, to do the better things for themselves. Other than that, at times I can be bullied without snapping any heads off.

3624d71b15d78efe74520af838a9a127However, that doesn’t mean that ANYONE AND EVERYONE can step all over me and being rude. I stand NO nonsensical crap! #IamSelective

What happened was someone new at work has been putting across hurtful and insensitive remarks which I have endured for almost a month. I am okay with her person but not okay with the words and tone that spewed out from her mouth about me.

So this new colleague commented on my lack of makeup the first week she joined. She has also emphasized on how much older I look as compared to my real age a few times. I was just mildly agreeing with her because I was sick that week, and yes I admit I have not been putting on makeup nor dressing up because I find there is no need to BUT does it mean that I am always sloppy and have no sense how to apply makeup? #seriously

Was chatting with Himeko & this was what she said hahaa.

I have the “about me” here. I’m not a pro at makeup, but I think I don’t suck since I have a cert? I merely chose not to apply since I’m really into fitness these days. Makeup with exercise KILLS the skin!

And yesterday was the point I came close to exploding.



I can’t remember when was the last time someone told me I looked DAMN CUI! I think all the vulgarities almost flew out from my mouth, but I used the words “walau” & “sibei” instead cos my boss and colleagues know I am not feminine one lol.

This is how I looked like yesterday when she made those insensitive remarks.GOT SO BAD MEH?! I filtered the photo of course better la I know but I don’t think I am that cui in real person leh.

This was my outfit yesterday. She asked me why I suddenly SO HIAO (vain) dressed up nicely. WTF? And someone said the green top doesn’t suit me. ;-(

Laoniang really cannot take it.Yesterday in that morning, I suffered so much doubt, questions and humilation. #PissedOff

No more criticism nor sarcasm. #Don’tTurnMeIntoaBitch



  1. Saw your little story on your Facebook that day and immediately I thought WHATTTTT. No one should ever be dissed like that. Ever! It’s just plain insensitive and rude. Even if she has comments, she should just keep it to herself. I doubt she’ll be okay with it if she’s the one who got criticised. I think you look just fine, even better than just fine without makeup and in that outfit! ❤



    1. Thanks babe!
      When we tell her not to eat something very unhealthy cos she was having some bad skin allergies, she just rolled her eyes and told us to stop nagging. That’s her character… she can say people but nnot the other way round LOL!



  2. sheng jin bing, she blind or what?! you look absolutely fine, infact you are dressed in appropriate attire for work. Next time she say u again, please hand her a mirror.



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