Animal Character Masks – Yay or Nay?

LG_Faceshop_maskpack_1Image source

There has been an uproar trend on the animal character masks for the last few months. I’ve seen reviews and social media posts and I was intrigued. Masking got less boring when users put on animal masks and have the opportunities to take a few selfies. It’s definitely instagram-worthy and super cute!

But…. do you know what are you putting onto your face?

01_32500319_TSX3Image source

I was also very excited to try when I was handed a piece from my friend (not gonna name the brand), however, upon reading the ingredients list, no way am I going to use it! *there goes my selfie chance*

Ingredients of the animal mask I had

What is INCI?

It is the goal of the cosmetic industry to have a single worldwide reference, based on sound science,which will allow the identification of the composition of personal care products.

Whatever you see at the front of the list are those that are in higher amounts. And those ‘good’ ingredients that brands emphasized on are usually in minimal proportions.

Let’s check out some of the ‘bad’ ingredients.

Propanediol: A colorless viscous liquid that is miscible with water; solvent, made of chemical compound. See here.

PEG/PPG-17/6 Copolymer: Also a chemical compound which poses no high hazards of using but isn’t good for the skin either. Check here for the concerns.

Butylene Glycol: Human irritant. See here.

…and etc. Got tired of naming the bad ones. You can try to google if you are keen to understand.


Such synthetic ingredients do not work hand-in-hand with our skin’s natural functions.  Read ‘The Three Cosmesis” to understand more.

I can’t avoid all the chemicals because chemicals are everywhere. I avoid them as much as I can, especially for my face.

Animal masks, anyone?


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