Sammi Touch Mi 2015 Concert

My gf is an avid fan of Sammi Cheng. So much that she owned every album Sammi had and literally knows every song of hers (except for the newer ones). It wasn’t any much of a surprise when she found out that Sammi was coming to Singapore for her TouchMi concert & no way was she going to miss it.

I remembered clearly – months back in the morning, the moment she opened her eyes, looked at me as her sleepiness slowly retreated and asked “What time is it?” in her sexiest froggy just-wake-up voice.

She reached out for her phone with an alarming speed, nervous and afraid that she couldn’t get good tickets fast enough. Spent a good amount of time before she managed to purchase 3 tickets for the Category 1 seats, at $232 each (inclusive of booking charge), for herself, her friend & I.

Smooth things didn’t go all the way for the gf though. A month before the concert date, the friend texted her to say that she might not make it for the concert and asked J if she can help to find a buyer. #SibeiBueySteady

We weren’t obliged to, but I posted on Facebook asking if anyone’s keen because J has yet received the payment for that friend’s ticket and it’s so exasperating that J has to ‘absorb’ the wasted ticket right when she was the helpful one to go through the booking etc… Money is a sensitive topic man… even a very good friend also can take advantage like that… #SadWorld

Gf was so annoyed by that friend even though she didn’t totally showed it. It’s not my style – If I don’t like it, I say it. And in the end, because our tickets are the most expensive ones, nobody wanna buy it. #ThanksToPangSehFriend  ;-(

Reached Singapore Indoor Stadium!

Since the ticket was already paid for, J decided to being her sister to the concert instead! 😉

Trying our best to smile and enjoy the space before everyone packed in

As though a disappointing friend isn’t enough, we were pretty shocked to find out that our PREMIERE CAT1 seating is on leveled-ground (ours were row 25 of 2nd section), with typical seminar events chairs tied together so that no one can move the chairs apart. #horrified

Because it’s my FIRST time going to such a concert, I asked them will people all stand up in front of me? If that happened, I wouldn’t be able to see a thing even if I stand up on the chair! I didn’t want to do that either cos it would be so INCONSIDERATE! x_X

I prayed very hard that no one, or NO ONE TALL was gonna sit in front of me. Yet I have this feeling that such things’ gonna happen to me because ANYONE IS EASILY TALLER than me.







. Tyvm.

90% of the time I watched through the gap between people’s shoulders/neck and I can see Sammi’s head bobbing around on the stage and full of her if she’s on the rised up platform & on the screen!

10% of the time, I sat down just listening because people around me all stood up and I couldn’t see the screen at all. Thankfully for concerts like this, the sound system considered quite good so I can hear pretty well.

Enough complaining!

Check out a few photos that the gf took.

Nice effects and lighting even though the stage wasn’t big

Here’s our postings halfway through that night haha.


We enjoyed Sammi’s performance and her interaction with her fans and audience. The only pity is that I couldn’t make out what she was saying in Cantonese. LOL.

It’s gonna be 11th August soon….




Conclusion: Never ever buy CATEGORY 1 tickets for sg’s concerts! I think it’s better sitting up high above because probably can see better….. and the seats looked better too.


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