Kiki Fell Sick

Why you tore off my cage’s roof?! o_O

Earlier this month, Kiki boy was mildly sick. He didn’t have appetite, vomitting his food out when he tried to eat. After monitoring for a day, J & I brought him to the LOLVet (Light of Life Vet).

He has a love-hate relationship with the vet

When he was feeling unwell, he will get out of the house to sniff and nibble on leaves. Poor boy…

So lethargic that he couldn’t even control his bladder to get out of bed to pee….

Me: “Who’s a handsome boy?” Kiki: “ahem… me. *half-shut eyes*”

kisses for my sick boy

cover him with blanket when we on the air-con & watch tv together

Fortunately he got much better and resumed his appetite after being on medication for almost a week.

Sneaky dodgy fella

Here’s a pic of him when he’s well.

He has also learnt how to get out of the house to jalan jalan… but don’t remember the way back (even though it’s only a storey away) so sit at other people’s steps and wail away until J went to save him. Haha see la… yaya payaya itchy backside.


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