Ladies Fitness Circuit Class by Kevin Chiak

446/406A Joo Chiat Road

Recently, I’ve been thinking about many things in life, contemplating to start training more intensively on top of the usual walk-a-jog and some crunches; I even wrote an exclusive article “The Unspoken Career I Would Like to Have” on MFP….(Sign up on to read!)

Then Kevin, founder of Kevin Chiak Personal Training Studio/ Family Fitness Centre and President of the Bodybuilding Federation contacted me for a fitness program through my hairstylist! This couldn’t be less than a better time!

Wonderful Saturday morning!

See who’s here with me for the ladies circuit class! I cannot tell you how happy I am that Jesz is embarking on a fitness journey with me! 😉

Since secondary school days, I’ve been wanting to go to a gym (not the occasionally kind) but…

What are the things that set me back:

  1. Gym packages too expensive
  2. Most gyms intimate me
  3. Public gyms too many people
  4. I don’t know how to use those equipments
  5. I don’t know if I should engage a personal trainer because it seems very expensive and I’m afraid I will kena tekan (sabo)

Why did I decide to go under training by Kevin:

  • He’s professional but doesn’t intimate me
  • I am doing a small group training, not one-to-one training so probably less stress for me (lol)
  • Companion plays a small part; but I would still go even if Jesz or others that I know aren’t going
  • Determination to train
  • The ‘desperation’ for a toned, lean body (I don’t mind some nice muscles but that’s gonna require ALOT more effort!)

Jesz & Kevin during consultation & chatting (they actually met a decade ago!)

After filling in our particulars, Kevin giving us a brief explanation of the day’s training

“If anyone feels like fainting, please stop.”

HAHAHA fortunately, no one did!

What is Circuit  & Resistance Training?

Total toning and conditioning workout  based on the athletic principles of circuit training – where exercises are  arranged in a sequence and performed in a cycle, moving from one workout station to another.  Strength exercises are alternated with cardiovascular movements and short periods of recovery.

Resistance training (also called strength training or weight training) is the use of resistance to muscular contraction to build the strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles.

Check out some of the training below!

Leg extension

Mountain Climber

This is one of the hardest in the entire circuit! Check out my short video on Instagram @Herine_Ang! Pardon my low-mo speed though cos it was taken during the 3rd round! (each round consists of 11 stations)

Hip Abductor/ Adductor

Alamak my legs open so wide hahaha!

Kevin telling us to work out right and not just forcing ourselves to do it. As we moved from stations to stations, we were getting out of breath & giggled & talk less.

I counted around 150 crunches in the 3 rounds in total

I have this fetish with abs. I can’t wait to have 6-pack again!

Round 1 of Shoulder Press: Chillax man! I can do this easily!

Round 3 of Shoulder Press: FML! If I feel it, means it’s working yeah?

Me: “Why this seems heavier? Kevin! Did you increase the resistance level?!”

Kevin: “No, I didn’t.” I think he was chuckling away to himself because we were all so giggly and chatty at first.

Tiffany, Jesz, Joyce, Kevin, Tse Lyn & I

Nevertheless, we completed 3 rounds of circuit training! Felt so accomplished! I didn’t know group training can be so fun & motivating and these bloggers with me definitely made it a pleasurable experience.

Here’s the promo price for group classes! Getting healthy and staying fit isn’t as costly anymore! They even have classes for kids! If you are keen, drop them an email or a call! Or check them out on Facebook here.


I have 2 slots to bring 2 readers for a trial for each of my session with Kevin! Comment or PM me for more details! Come work out with me & see me in person ‘unfiltered’ haha!

(ps: They are merely a few minutes away from Katong i12 mall.)



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