My 2 ‘V’ Ladies

I love this 2 ‘V’s.

I met them through blogging and we have stayed close since then! I am thankful that I made so many friends through blogging. Among those that I am on not-bad/good terms with (texting on whatsapp group/FB), Viv & Ver are the ones I meet the most (ok la, maybe once a month or 2 haha) and also talk to about personal issues.

Vivienne, Me and Verlyn

It was such a rare occasion that all 3 of us can meet for dinner together! Usually it’s me + Viv, or me + Ver!

We decided to meet at Pasir Ris since Vivienne is now a Whitesands blogger. While waiting for Verlyn, Viv & I went up to 3rd level and saw this:

Sushi Express no queue sia! HAHAHAHA… good choice to come to Whitesands Mall! The one that I always go at Tampines 1 is always packed and I believe like most, if not all of the outlets, they have dining time restriction!

Well, NOT this one at Whitesands! We weren’t given any time limit and I think the service is much better than the Tampines 1 outlet!

Photo credit: Verlyn

That’s her small thumbsize salmon sashimi.

While the rest of the sushi are ok-standard (very good initially when I was famished), we love the salmon miso soup and the cheesecake!

After dinner, went to Xin Wang cafe for 2nd round! hur hur!

Our supper: Iced Macau Coffee, Iced Yuan Yang, Iced Tea, Ice Cream Toast, Mango Pomelo & Polo Bun

Viv couldn’t get a nice flatlay pic of this because of the lighting and shadows, so i KINDLY offered to send her this. “No, yours NOT nice.” she jitao rejected my pic! HAHAHAHA wtf right. But true la it’s not nice as compared to other bloggers’ nice nice food/cakes pics taken at nice cafes with nice decorations and tablecloth.

To our dismay, the desserts were so-so or less. Fortunately we had some juicy conversations to spice things up so it was okay lah!

Cheers to my V-ladies! Let’s do this more often ok! muacks!


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