This Auntie Never Grows Up

Running or walk-a-jog is supposed to release stress, not the other way round.  The companion is very important. Planning the routine or even out of the routine is important too. The most important thing is to find fun and happiness in what we do.

We live to contribute to society, to earn to feed our family. But if living stops at just this, you haven’t experience nor understand the real meaning of life.

Other than the minimum one run a week, I also try to plank and do crunches at home at least twice a week. I can definitely do better and clock in more!

So the other day I was aiming the swing at the park where we usually will pass by, then the gf was saying “you wanna swing right? go lah! Come come, let’s go!”

I look left and right, ok no people then proceeded. Inside the heart like a kid but outside still scared paiseh how people see me as one auntie swinging away. LOL.

Jesz also tried the swing cautiously ahahah…. because………

1st: She didn’t want me to take her pic.

2nd: She thought it may not handle her weight. (I think not so weak la the swing!)

3rd: Maybe she thinks a 33-year old shouldn’t be seen doing this. ;-p

There’s been a lot of stress and fatigue recently. I’ve been doing so much self-thinking and re-assessing life management. All I can say is…. I will not be beaten! I will be happy and contented. I want to be a better person, better temper and everything. If others can’t do it, fine. But we should try to be kind to each other ok! Verbal war kills any relationship. Life is all about efforts and building. #Fighting

I’m going for a fitness training class this weekend! Sooooo looking forward!

Come back for my updates ok? 😉


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