My Beauty Journey

This is not exactly the beauty journey kinda post you might be expecting.

The other day, when I was being forced to clear my old stuff from the cabinet (Note: I am quite neat already, my Mom’s OCD is worse than me), I had a short thrill going through some of my old notes from my beauty school in the past.

My diplomas in Aesthetics & Makeup

I almost forgot that I learnt how to create my own henna from scratch… but of course, I’ve now forgotten everything.

facial muscles’ names

My first lesson when I was in the beauty school that almost threw me off the chair. I was shocked why we had to learn the human anatomy lol.

skull skeletal

And this. This is one of the hardest theory

I don’t think I wanna go thru this again because studying is tiring lol. But we should never stop learning lah. Even though I am not in the beauty retail line now, but my beauty & wellness marketing role requires me to apply my (limited) knowledge and learn a lot too! I love my job!

Can you imagine I have yet to learn driving? I don’t want to (for now) because my logic is: If I can’t frigging buy a car to drive, why should I go through the course & spend those $$ to learn and let it go to waste? Or by the time I need to drive, I might have forgotten because I have no chance to drive!

Sorry for this boring post! I blogged cos I need the images to be somewhere I can refer back easily in future. ;-D


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