It is Not Easy to be a Cat Owner!

Time flies and we have had Kiki, the rescued cat for close to 6 months already! From his first vaccination, to his sterilization, we almost can understand what would it be like if we have human kids!

when Kiki was only less than 3 months old

The glamorous part:

  • I get really cute photos for the mobile wallpaper if I’m patient enough lol. (there’s some people who buy pets just to show off on social media!)
  • Many people start to show interest because there’s a dog and a cat under the same roof.
  • It’s a topic attractor.

snoozy woozy in his favorite hammock

The unglamorous part:

  • No one sees the “shit” behind the photos.
  • We are actually cat slaves.
  • We always have cat fur on our clothing.
  • We have new and more “tattoos” (scratches and bites)

one of my bleeding wounds created by kiki

The sweet:

  • When he comes up to us asking for pats
  • When he let me cradle him like this:
  • When he purrs upon hearing praises

see that annoyed look

The bitter:

  • He terrifies BabyChia to the point that Baby does not want to get near him again.
  • He scratches and bites BabyChia (hence he has no 100% freedom to roam the house yet)
  • He meows non-stop at nights (some times)

They were friends…..

but foes now

Even though Kiki is a naughty and noisy fella, we love him a lot. I think as he grows, he is getting more manageable (i hope the change is constant!) He does not bite & scratch as aggressively but he is sure one dominant cat. He knows what he wants and what he doesn’t, we have to make sure we don’t step on his tail.

always curious what’s outside the windows

At times, he’s super hyper, but at least nowadays he will stop and chill at one corner and not dashing around like mad.

Kiki almost fitting BabyChia’s old clothes well


He loves it when we play fetch with him! Can you believe that the dog doesn’t play fetch but the cat does?

When he’s in a good mood, he will keep bring his tattered rat up the bed for us to throw for him to catch again and again.

He also “speaks” these days! instead of the normal meowing, he goes “Ee-ow“, “yeow?“, “neow“, “maaaaa” (does he really know he got 2 mamas?! hahaha), “waaaa” & “ahhh“. What sia? Is my cat as dramatic as me?? Anyone can interpret his language? LOL.

Even though it’s really not easy being a cat owner, I did enjoy the process of it. I am sure I will do better and if in future I have more cats, I sure can do it!

Follow me on Instagram @herine_ang to watch if I post any videos of the cat & dog!


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