Don’t Say “If I Can, Why Can’t You?”

If you ask me this few years ago, I would readily admit that I tend to tell people “If I can, why can’t you?!”. Many people do that. It is easy for us to put “blame” on people who can’t do the same things as we could – be it efficiency or competency.

By saying “If I can, why can’t you?!”, we are already belittling others. Arrogance and haught grow in us. Comparison kills some people.

During one of my deep-thinking sessions, I realized that I belittled and was belittled without knowing.

For instance: Jogging


I didn’t jog or run for many many years. I used to run really fast when I was in Primary school but after multiple encounters of giddiness & pain in the chest and stomach after jogging, I developed a phobia.

At that time, whenever I talked about exercising with those who run, they sure say “If I can, why can’t you?!”. My reply was “No! I just can’t!” They probably think I was weak. I didn’t know why and how come I can’t jog/run like anyone else.

This year, after lots of mental preparation and analyzing my body, I decided to start jogging again. One of the main factor is I cannot wear my glasses if I want to jog because it will start bouncing on my nose and all I see is “earthquake”. So now, when I met people who say they can’t jog, I stop saying “If I can, why can’t you?” because it’s not going to help.

An individual may not be ready for certain changes in their life. Everyone has different paces, and I learn not to judge based on one thing that I can do, but another couldn’t.

do your best-01


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