Neutering Our Cat

We brought Kiki for his sterilization when we were sure he passed the age of 6-months. That happened a month ago. We thought that when a male cat gets neutered, he will become tamer, yell less, bully less, less of all the aggressive stuff. But meow, we were wrong! *facepalm*

After having this naughty boy for months, we realized that he has become quite a “domestic” cat. He gets really scared the moment he is out of the house’s gate, not to mention being carried around in a cage that usually means bad news for him.

Read about the rescue here. (He was so small, harmless and cute that time!)
When the vet wanted to examine him, all he wanted to do was hide back into his cage, which by then has been “dismantled” to get him out. Haha.

i think Light of Life Vet is not only professional, passionate, they also has really affordable prices.

We were told to fast Kiki for a night before sending him in. He was already quite grumpy before he reached the vet. We left him there for numerous hour for them to get the sterilization procedure done.
When we returned to pick him up at night, he was still “seh” (groggy) from the anesthesia. He walked like a drunkard. it’s best not to let him dash around so we left him in the small cage so times so he can rest. That night he so manja want us carry and pat. But after some thoughts, I think he actually hated it but simply he has no strength to fight us off.
Super numb! Cannot move!

Naughty boy slept most of the night away. (yes, he’s usually a devil will make noise at nights)

He puked abit during the night (probably cos he ate a little too much) and thankfully was pretty okie the next day.

By the 3rd day, he regained all his energy and resumed bullying BabyChia. x_X

He still likes to bite us and the dog. When he did, it’s not the playful kind of biting. Or maybe he thinks we will appreciate those free tattoos. Hmmpf.

We think he’s kinda psychotic or too “wild”. At times, he’s so cute want people to sayang him, play with him, but yet his 360 degrees change will send us into fury. Gosh, what do we do? I think I am more fierce than the gf, cos she recently gets most of the more serious bites. LOL.

Anyone has brilliant methods to teach a hooligan cat??


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