Batisste Dry Shampoo

I cannot stand not washing my hair daily. I have oily scalp & I wash my hair 1-2 times a day. My hair is dry, so it contradicts with the very regular washing. The morning shampoo-ings & blow-drys also took up a good 30 minutes of my precious time (meant for more sleep)… until I was introduced to Batisste Dry Shampoo by the blogger bff, Viv.

My repeated purchase!

This time I ordered 4 bottles at a time cos I think I used up one bottle a month haha.

batisste 3

I bought it from this seller on qoo10. There are a number of shops selling the same thing but this particular seller has the most reviews & most people buying from them. So there you go! Click on the images to link to their page!


I used to HAVE TO wash my hair in the mornings cos I need to go out/work with fresh-feeling scalp, but ever since this savior came, I spent so much lesser time showering in the mornings.Batisste2Simply spray, massage the scalp, brush & go! My hair is also not flat from the scalp’s sebum/grease!

The longest I tried to go without washing my hair is a day (yesterday). Means I wash my hair on Day 1 morning, day 2 no wash, wash again on Day 3 morning. To be honest, I can go crazy not washing! I gotta spray this dry shampoo day & night cos my scalp is just too oily. Not trying to delay the wash again unless the weather turns cold lol.

I will give this product a 8/10, for the convenience, choices of fragrance & price.


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