My Hair Ritual

My hair went from this, to this. Tonny told me that some readers asked why I dyed my hair dark ash grey the last round, but well, you guys didn’t know that 2 weeks after that session, it was the granniest kind of grey ever. Cool! But of course, it didn’t stay past a month since my base was blond and I don’t have healthy hair.

I actually didn’t think of coloring this time since I wanted to touch up my curly roots instead.

J was there before me & she had her hair done a dark maroon purple. Tonny psychoed me a good half hour to get couple matching hair.

NO NO NO, I said. I want to go dark!

FINE, I gave in. Purple is my favorite color!

I still declared to my colleagues that I will not be doing extreme colors already, gonna be guai etc… Hmmmm…… Mine is a brighter color as compared to J.

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