The Cat Cafe

While I was still on my 3-week long holiday, I took the chance to visit a cat cafe, named “The Cat Cafe” with the blogger bff, Viv. As we made our way to Bugis Village, we felt so sluggish, I was sure that the cats’ laziness has gotten to us from far.

I was right…. in a way! Almost all the cats were napping when we reached the cafe after climbing 235465 flights of stairs.


“It’s nap time, why are you humans roaming around? You ought to nap 23 hours a day!” #ThisIagree

Since it was so quiet at that moment, we ordered some food to eat.

Oh… what do you mean by that?

Then it started sniffing, rubbing and “rummaging” through Viv’s bag. Yeah, we totally got it.

There came another.

And another.

They were all infatuated with her bag that’s filled with rubbish.

If you are going to a cat cafe yearning for some manja hugs and rubs, well, you might as well wait long long. Cats are full of attitude. Even my cat at home also same! He happy then wanna play with me.

There is nothing called yours. The cats own literally everything. ;-D

Play time!

Only cos there’s treats inside that toy.

“Now, if you will excuse me, I need to nap before I SNAP.”

I’m real scared by that shark threat!

One of the bigger cats in the cafe ahahaha.

“Your lame joke is not funny.”

Yeah… I know. Thanks bud.


Something brewing in the east direction?

What calls for unity? FOOD.


For your convenience, here’s the info you want:


$15 per entry (with a complimentary soft drink)

Food for human available

Age requirement: 6 & Above only. Children under 12 must be accompanied by adults

Operating Hours

Monday: 3pm to 10pm

Tuesday – Sunday, Public Holiday: 10am to 10pm


Address: 241B Victoria Street Level 3. Just right above Burger King (Climb all the way up. Climbbbbbbbb)


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