Sumuji1970: Healthy Juice Bar in Isetan Orchard

Are you almost always thirsty like me? Yet while shopping, holding a drink or even drinking in department stores are not allowed.

Isetan at Orchard Shaw House has new concept of a healthy juice bar smacked right in front of the 2nd level’s cashier counter! This is ideal for me since I need my thirst to be quenched & in need of a healthy choice!

Sumuji offers many cold press juices to choose from! And even though some combinations seem weird, they taste really good! My favourite has got to be “Cleansing Lemonade”!

J & I drank it for 3 straight weekends when I went to ClearSK for my fat-blasting facial.

They even customized a special blend for me when I informed them that I have low blood pressure, hence I gotta avoid beetroot. Thanks for the caring thought!

Do drop by Sumuji to give it a try if you are shopping around Shaw House! It’s also a cozy little resting area for the husbands who are hanging around while waiting for their wives to shop!
Address: 350 Orchard Road Singapore (Isetan Level 2)

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