Taipei Day 3: A Day of Sightseeing

*I need to download Taiwan’s Day 1 & 2 weather & upload into SG #PleaseStopBurningMe*

Since we are traveling in a group of 4 (with J’s Mom too), we dedicated the entire Day 3 to go sight-see. We had wanted to travel to Taichung to the Sinshe Lavender Farm & the flower Flower farm but decided against it. We ended up accepting a taxi driver’s “quotation” (which wasn’t exactly the cheapest), to bring us around Taipei for 8-9 hours.

The cabbies carry a travel menu with them to show tourists where they can go.

So first stop is this Yehliu Geography Park…. which we didn’t cover the entire place. I think my travel companions not too keen about nature, hills, sand and rocks. LOL.

Thankfully the entrance ticket is only around SGD$3.50 per pax.

We came out within 15mins and went food shopping instead. #ExplorationFailed

The cabbie was damn shocked la when we went back to his car 30mins after he dropped us. He so nice, got us coffee to drink!

Never walk finish, but must take a photo to show we’ve been here. Haha.


We really go many places just to take photos only eh?

Reached Jiufen (九份) first thing, order food again.

Finished eating at one stall, go to oppostite try these too. #omgEat&Eat

世界上最好喝的醋?Nope, didn’t try.

Headed to Shifen, Pingxi (十分) to 放天灯  (Pingxi Sky Lantern)

What amused me was the kind of alertness the people have when they do business on the railway track every day.

Train passing by, take photos lor!

Squeezing my brain out on what to write on the sky lantern. Then I realized, I can write ALOT!

Yeah, some photos before we light the lantern!


Our cabbie said we very power, so many poses. Errr, got meh? All like same same one.

There it go! Polluting the air. ;-S

After the sky lantern activity, feel so hungry again!

We decided to try this Bear Cake!

Ordered the mochi & butter one!

Faster faster! I wanna put it all into my mouth!! #glutton

My bear cake ishhhh so NICE!

下一站幸福with my love? LOL

Super yummy boneless chicken wing with rice inside! Sorry no photo cos we shared and gobbled it up messily. ;-p

See? The gf eating non-stop. HAhaha


Qing Tong Train Station 菁桐老街 – 许愿筒

My big puppy hungry again. ;-D

      That’s it for Day 3 in Taipei! Sorry if I ain’t very informative cos it isn’t meant to be one hehe. I just wanted to remember this trip.

We are planning for another Taiwan trip, hopefully next year!


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