Eyebrow Embroidery at Hair Republic

Hello Kitty fans ALERT!!

I have been wanting to have my eyebrows re-embroidered for the longest time after the old embroidery faded off & I was glad when Hair Republic contacted me for this collaboration. The blogger bff, Vivienne, went along to try out their eyelash extension. 

Some of you may ask why do I want to get my eyebrows “tattooed” when I can draw them pretty fine myself.

Reasons being:

  1. Eyebrow embroidery saves me plenty of time
  2. I can now head to work with a bare face since the only thing that bothers me is the lack of eyebrows (some days, a quick touch of eyeliner & mascara completes the look!)
  3. I go to sleep, wake up & exercise looking effortlessly natural & good

I ain’t a Hello Kitty fan at all but Hair Republic certainly made me feel welcomed! A cosy, brightly lit shop with 3 beds for brows/lashes & 2 chairs for hair extensions (not pictured). Everything in the shop is Hello Kitty related, including the ceiling!

I laid down on the bed indulging in my weird girly moments while MinMin drew my eyebrows before the final customization.

I was seriously contemplating the Korean brows since it will occupy more space on my face so that my forehead hopefully looks less prominent & goes better with the no-makeup look….. but MinMin remarked that the Korean brows trend will not last forever and I thought since I have such harshly-angled jaws & bones, I shall go for this arched brows!

I might request to have it modified to the koreanish one when I go back for the free touch-up session if I change my mind! Hehe!

Numbing cream before the actual works!

MinMin uses manual strokes and I must say that she has good wrist & handskills! I was wondering why the 2D embroidery became a 3D one! 😀

One side done in less than 15 minutes!

  Some people worry about having overly-harsh brows for the first week after getting embroidery done. Well, all I gotta say is ENDURE & apply the gel cream given diligently so that they heal fast & well!    

I’ve gotten questions like: “Why you do your eyebrows until so thick?”, “why so dark?” & “why so archy??”

Well, my answers are:

  • They make me look old/ah lian (and probably almost everyone else too); makes my big forehead looks even bigger like ET.
  • It won’t be as dark a week later after the skin drops off; it gotta match my hair color no?
  • I explained it above. Everyone has a shape that suits them; there is no fixed template.

I also applied my bSoul Hydra-Comfort Face Cream on my brows and I noticed my brows healed faster! The scabs were all gone by the 6th day!


Eyebrow Embroidery: $150 ($135 when you quote ‘Herine’!)

Eyelash Extension: $50 ($45 when you quote ‘Herine’!)

Or check out their Facebook page for special promotions! Hair Republic is located at:

City Plaza, 810 Geylang Road #02-47 Singapore 409286

Tel: 67450560

Operating Hours : 11.00am – 9.00pm (Mon – Sun)

*Closed on Alternate Sundays


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