Taipei Day 1 & 2: Eat & Shop!

Day 1, let’s go!

In the early morning before I headed to Changi Airport, I couldn’t sleep a wink, not because I was too excited about the trip but due to the unmerciful weather in Singapore. My skin was literally burning from the heat & I was sure that I was going to have a fit and start foaming in the mouth. #NoJokeThisWeather

My essential item for this trip – bSoul Hydra-Lip to keep my puckers well hydrated & protected!

It was around 17-19 degrees celcius when we got out of Taoyuan Airport. Perfect weather for me! The gf was shivering like crazy when the wind started blowing haha.

We stayed in ECFA Hotel (Ximen) at Chengdu Road, 5 minutes walk from Ximending Train Station.

Not gonna talk about the hotel cos it isn’t anything nice lol. But ok to stay in and sleep la, shall not complain.

While waiting for our rooms to be ready, we went to fill our stomachs! I love the not-salty noodles soup, with some starters (小菜) to go along.

My super comfy hoodie from Uniqlo… finally I can wear it & still feel so cool!

Red rabbit-ears beanie – only wear when I’m not in SG.

Modern Toilet restaurant in Ximending.

Hot soup which is not fantastic but not too bad for the cool weather.

Poo ice cream that came with the meals.

Overall, we felt it’s overrated & expensive. My Mom ‘yucks’ me when I showed her the pics. LOL

A constipated woman is an angry woman.

I love quail eggs!

Splurge of the day: Porter International Green Studded Slingbag

Think I paid between SGD$235 – $255 after rebate?

Day 2, let’s go!

Walking to Ximending station from our hotel!

Still missing the cool weather alot!! Leather jacket that is already quite old but worn just that few times haha.
Only 6 minutes away!

Even though I planned and printed out a detailed itinerary, none of us followed. ;-( End up, I sent it to a few friends who are also going to Taipei.

We were in such holiday nua nua mood and decided to wake up and just go anywhere we feel like.

Taipei 101 in an unflattering angle.

Agnès b. Le Pain Grillé + Café L.P.G

Morning break!

Took the train to Zhongxiao Fuxing to shop in SOGO.

  Followed by more food. Don’t even remember where is this shop located at cos we really eat & eat!

Since Wufenpu (五分埔) is quite near Sogo, we took the train down to see what’s the hype about. Alot of wholesale and accessories, but most of the stuff ain’t cheap if you aren’t getting it in bulk.

Shilin night market foodie!!

And a shioky 60mins foot massage.

That sums up 2 nights in Taipei!

I know my post sounds super lazy since I just go back to work after 3 weeks of leave. Gonna work harder on the next few posts!


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