My Favorite Eyebrow Pencil

I have sparse brows that require time & effort to trim it to shape because it doesn’t have the density & color to begin with. In year 2007, I got my first eyebrow embroidery done for only $100 by a homebased beautician/hairdresser. Once the embroidery faded, I started exploring the use of eyebrow pencils & powder (recent years). The use of a pen brush is the latest addition & I fell in love with it!

 Not as ‘oily’ as other pencils, this Brow Lash EX keeps my defined or koreanish brows till the end of the day!

 I am in love with its brush tip too! It defines the brow tails with feathery strokes that dries off quickly and lasts throughout the day! You might like to use it as eyeliner too.

TIP: For super oily skin, lightly brush eyebrow powder over brows before defining with pencil or brush for a long-lasting effect.

  Pardon for the low-res images. (Taken with my iphone)

Rating: 4.5/5

If I didn’t remember wrongly, I got this Brow Lash EX from Watsons for $20.90.

As I was writing this post, I stumbled on my friend, Kiyora’s post on K-Palette 2way Eyebrow Pencil and Eyepencil, which I was struggling to decide which to buy –  between this or the Brow Lash Ex. Check out her review!

Anyway, I have had eyebrow embroidery done recently! My eyebrow pencil might need to take a break behind the scenes for now. Will be back with the post soon!


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