ClearSK Award-Winning 3D V-Face Shaper


It is no secret that I am a huge eater and I love a fit, gorgeous bod and face, all at the same time. However, I can’t avoid age and fats! After I turned 30, I received a bundle package of wisdom & LOSS OF ELASTICITY.

Other than working out, keeping a as-healthy-diet-as-possible (which is not so easy since I’m a glutton), I also look out for facial techniques to lift and tighten my face and skin.

CLEARSKI came across Harper’s Bazaars’ 2015 Best Express Lifting Facial: ClearSK 3D V-Face Shaper

V-Face Shaper combines ultrasound with Unipolar RF (Radio Frequency) to eliminate fat deposits and tighten the skin along jawline. It is a FDA-approved treatment that helps to break down fats and tighten the skin along jawline.

The Unipolar RF is proven to penetrate deeper than any other conventional RF.

V-Face Shaper is a very comfortable treatment. The combination of hot and cold ultrasound waves penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous fat, resulting in significant thermal damage to the fat cells without causing any damage to nerves, vessels and surrounding tissue. The targeted fat cells release their content into the body. RF is used after the ultrasound to help eliminate and drain the area of liquified fat cells.

I almost fell asleep during this treatment!

 photo P4270476_zpsbqq3p4jh.jpgMask is applied to bring down the temperature of the skin, even though I didn’t even feel that warm.

  Love the results just in one session!

 photo P4270488_zpsc2ixqgzr.jpg

Spreading the love of V-face!

ClearSK is giving 20 FREE 3D V-face Shaper Treatments to my readers!

Simply fill in the form & ClearSK will be in contact soon!


Outlets : Scotts Medical Center, Novena Medical Center,Tampines and Velocity

Hotline : 6100 6868

Website :


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