Resuming Workout At A Slower Pace

I wish to work out 4-5 days a week. (I did when I was a freelancer with super flexible time.) I want to perspire and feel good with all the adrenaline rushing in me. But nowadays, I have no discipline to do it before or after work. Neither can I find the energy to juggle my various commitments. *Salute to Jade who runs every single day*

白白嫩嫩?Warming up is very important! Super love my pair of black & gold Skechers! Ultra comfy!

Nonetheless, I urged the gf to workout with me once a week. I called it our weekend walk-a-jog because we want to walk more than jog, starting our old engines slow and easy.   Do it the nature method so we can enjoy the greens in the non-consumable way!

Thanks dear for being so onz (go buy sportswear etc) even though you procrastinated for more than a year! Lolol.  We don’t believe in crazy dieting, so we still eat pretty much everything and anything, but consciously. I would cut down on snacking and unhealthy food but wouldn’t give it a miss whenever we are out for good food hahah.

One day of exercise is definitely not sufficient though. Considering that I have went up a size (dammit), I purchased a cheap workout tool off qoo10 at only $9.90!

I incorporated resistance/strength training into my shred workout too so I hope I’ve got a good balance! And if possible, I’ll be “porting” my sports shoes (tempted to buy extra pair but not justifiable for the workout amount yet lol) to and fro my house & hers so I can go for a jog with the sis anytime!

In order to keep my muscles and nerves functioning well and not suffer from injury, I apply Meditrina’s Deep Ocean Mineral Gel.



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