Kiki’s Gigi

I just gotta show you guys this bcos I was really laughing my ass off last night! I was trying to use the dental spray on Kiki, and being a first-time/ non-experienced kitten’s Mom, I always had a hard time opening his mouth… until I realized that it’s actually super easy!

I laid my cat flat on his back (though his head will always hold itself upright) and gently push up his “upper lips”.

And there, his tiny teeth and fangs!

The other day at Light of Life Vet, doc said Kiki’s teeth has grown out fully and are very healthy.

Of course very healthy! See that nasty bite-tear scar Kiki gave me as his token of love. Hahaha.


Disclaimer: No cat is being harmed in the photo-taking for this blog post’s production.


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