Cornerstone Cafe with BabyChia

I had been down with a cough so badly that I was drowsy for days, mixing up the dates and appointments. On a Saturday, I was supposed to go attend my nephew’s one-month party but because I was packed full of virus, I didn’t go.

Instead, I went for brunch at Cornerstone Cafe in Bishan Park with the gf, family & BabyChia!


He really has gotten used to car rides, as long as there’s no loud honks or sudden brakes.

Happy dog with us at the cafe’s outdoor area.

Sat him on the chair with us when we made sure we wouldn’t block the pathway too much.

Lagi more happy cos he can see all the food! LOL!

At this point, I realized we didn’t really take photos of the food much cos the main star was BabyChia. ;-p

This was the pretty decent Lamb Shank Risotto that I ordered, partially savoured by the gf & BabyChia. (washed off the sauce before feeding him some)

MamaChia, SisterChia & BabyChia.

My sister came down to join us for coffee after nephew’s party.

Group photo of the happy people & a cramped-face BabyChia.

More dog-friendly cafe dates please!!



  1. […] Every day after work, I try not to have any dinners out or other programs because the dog has got to eat his medicine in case he collapse. I’m a homely person, so that wasn’t a big issue for me. I missed home-cooked food though. Taking care of a dog is not easy…..Taking care of an elderly dog with health issues is a greater challenge. We need to dedicate time and lotsa love for them. I’ve never meet any dogs that are really easy to take care of except for BabyChia! […]



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