Planning a 200-pax D&D

[Meditrina 6th Clients Appreciation Dinner]

Planning & executing a Clients Appreciation Dinner of more than 200 pax is NO EASY job! Especially when the pre-planning and executing is a very much one-man show.

It also didn’t help that I had only attended ONE D&D in my entire life, and I didn’t even have to work but sat there and enjoy instead. Thankfully my colleagues helped me out with the powerpoint slides and logistics packing. That 5 months were no doubt stressful; it was also enriching & I realized my multi-tasking power is really superb haha!

That being said, I was glad that everything went on smoothly and I think my guests (the bloggers) enjoyed? Of course it can be done better, because apparently some clients think it wasn’t grand enough.. in terms of prizes.

I wish people can understand I was working on the entire program with a minimum budget! We ain’t some big company neh… ;-p

Some photos of that night’s program….

floral photobooth-01Tracy, Juliet & Keith were the earlier ones so we managed to get a few photos taken at the photobooth! I love the floral backdrop to match our “Floral & Nature” theme! Initially while choosing, I was still worried if it turns out too girly… but never mind cos it’s so beautiful!

Fabfoto Booth is one of the service providers with the LOWEST PRICE!

 photo 0016_zps77et23du.jpgEmcee Lee Teng & I. She was having a flu but she did well!

(ps: Thank you Celeste for doing my hair for me at the last minute when you saw me struggling!)

 photo 0227_zps2sy86pyr.jpgThe event was held at Concorde Hotel’s ballroom. The chandeliers very chio!

There was an opening speech by the director of Hap Global, followed by yusheng for prosperity.

 photo 0339_zps2dmxyava.jpgA good part of time was dedicated for the Fortune God (Cai Shen Yeh) to give out red packets that contain 4D lottery tickets. Huat ah!

 photo 0233_zpse4yzhd4d.jpgA few singing performance by the director’s VIP guests.

 photo 0011_zpsslzu9cv3.jpgTrophies that I customized with 65emall‘s help for the award ceremony. I merely selected the design, told them what logo or words I want on the trophy and they did all the liaising with the manufacturer!

 photo 0408_zps7s0vqdkc.jpgThe different beauty salons/ spas representatives with their trophies.

 photo 0340_zps4tfmeth3.jpgI’ve been so stressful about that night, and part of it was this singing contest!!

 photo 0010_zpscenro6i1.jpgCustomized crystal medals for this contest too! Casual contest but we also very serious go make medals, arranged for cash and consolation prizes & also engaged 3 judges!

 photo 0353_zpsujooavgt.jpgThat’s me trying my best to be as chillax as I can on-stage! I borrowed this short short-skirt aka skorts from Celine because I didn’t want to wear the longer skirt I bought in the end. Then hor, got shorts inside I still damn scared i gao-geng (expose)! #conservative

ContestantsI sang 黄小琥 – 没那么简单.

Keith posted a 15-seconds of my singing HERE, check it out if you are curious how I sounded. Not sure if his account is public, but follow him if he’s not lah ok. 😉

 photo 0527_zpsjswvqn4p.jpgThanks to all my supportive colleagues, blogger friends & clients, I received the Popularity Award!

 photo 0528_zpsfcvsvqvs.jpgThe prize is bSoul Hydra-Lift which I am using! Hooray, save me $98!

 photo 0545_zpsy7eywfcl.jpgAnd I also won 1st runner-up!

 photo 0552_zps8oip3ouq.jpgPhotos with the winners & supporters haha

 photo 0009_zpscdmpm2jh.jpgThen there was lucky draw segment too. Thanks to the colleagues who helped to wrap since I sucked at it & was too pressed for time.

 photo 0559_zpsyn67vfpp.jpgMy #auntiesdiary blogger bff, Vivienne, won the 8th prize! If got anything you don’t want, please give me! ;-p

 photo 0624_zpssvtmfo2c.jpgStaff appreciation… but sure people think very kelong cos the organizer is also one of the singing contest winners! LOL fortunately got professional JUDGES!

 photo 0669_zpslobtawmo.jpgJuliet also performed a song, 张惠妹-记得, when the program has tuned down. *thumbsup!*

Carrie & I sang 梁静茹’s 勇气! Did anyone have photo of us?    photo 0735_zpshiaf8lyt.jpgOne group photo with the lovely bloggers/media: Vivienne, Ying Jie, Keith, Me, Jody, Rusty, Samantha, Risa, Tiphanie, Juliet, Carrie & Kiyora.

 photo 0800_zpsufz9gsue.jpgGood job to us! The event was a success!



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