50% TCC Birthday Dinner!

Being a TCC member means getting an awesome 50% & 30% discount during the birthday month! Since the pal is a marchie baby too, we decided to meet up for a ‘cheap’ feast before the month ended!

Happy belated birthday to us!

The gf bought us same Where’s Wally tees “Stand out in a crowd”. I didn’t even remember this Wally character and had to google.

It’s hard not to stand out in the crowd with our hair colors, isn’t it? ahahaha.

We ordered 3 sides to share.

Baby Crayfish Salad (yummilicious!): The best salad I ever tasted! Not sure what dressing they use but we couldn’t stop eating!

Shrooms Bite (juicy mushrooms!): Crunchy on the outside and so juicy-jingly fragrant inside.

Barbequ’eese Tofu Nuggets: Too mashed on the inside. Really tofu. Not something we were impressed about and order in future.

Complimentary membership with any purchase! Faster go!

Clack & Clams Crayfish Pasta: Pal said it wasn’t as good as another creamy version she had last time.

Saucy Striploin Symphony: I love the mashed potato and asparagus! The meat was cooked medium and it’s superb complete with that red wine sauce!

OM nom nom! Look at that meat!

Seafood Aglio Olio: Gf’s must-order every time she eats at TCC. The taste is so complete and spicy for our fiercy tastebuds.

Mascar’misu Tipple: Full until cannot already still die die wanna have dessert since it’s 50% off! Couldn’t finish it though.

Let us go into a food coma!

A full ootd pic with a bursting shorts (happy tummy).


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