30 is a sexy age!

I turned 30 recently and I wasn’t a size XS anymore. A size S is also a tad bit challenging these days if I don’t start working out hard like I used to.

I had the feeling I was only 10, 15, 20, seconds ago. It’s peculiar unspoken, yet too normal in a spoken way. Let’s scrape the saying that a woman has lost her value when she reaches 30; a man is charming when he’s 40. Why would a man has a higher value and the woman opposite? Utter bullshit. As such, I must say that 30 is a sexy age because I’m a size S-M which is really curvy (and sexy lol), 40 is gorgeous, 50 is lady etc.

kgjj16So, since friends’ kids calling me ‘Auntie’ is inevitable, then let me be a sexy Auntie. I say.


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