Ardennes Hotel: Champagne Room

After the one night stay in the La Roche Room, we requested for a change to the next door – Champagne room; as we didn’t want to make do with the faulty shower tap for the next 2 nights.

The door opened to a brightly lit room, the opposite of the La Roche.

The first thing I went to check was the bathroom. And I was relieved that everything was working fine, except for the super disgustingly dusty vent flap near the mirror & bathtub.

The bathtub was huge as well.

Let me show you how big it really is…..

The sister & I looked like midgets. (She came over to check out our room on CNY day 2)

Bed with floral backdrop and star-gazing panel above.

Extra bed which is good for a 3rd party guest.

One tiny thing that an OCD person noticed: TV that is not aligned in the centre.

And super dusty console that the gf was “forced” to wipe. We ought to be given discount for cleaning up the room slightly.

Like selfies? Choose a bright room over the dark.

Good for partying!

Let’s rock the ukulele!

Tried the delicious pancake breakfast but I still felt hungry after finishing this.

Met the mother, sister & friends at Symmetry (which is nearby our hotel) for brunch.

Mom borrowed our room’s toilet and wanna welfie too. ;-p

Rating for Champagne Room: 3/5 (or less)


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