No More Wants May Not Be A Good Thing

Talk about needs versus wants. I always try to weigh my priorities between this two.
However, in some aspects of life, not wanting something is not as desirable as the action of saving up for resisting the “want” of a material.

Some examples of the not-necessary-negative-but-not-positive-either of NOT wanting:

  • Spending time with love ones
  • Saying “thank you”
  • Saying “sorry”
  • Giving a hug
  • Being intimate with your spouse
  • A marriage because of fear
  • To communicate
  • To listen
  • To feel and to understand

Many relationships gone down the chute because of such un-wants. It could be prevented with just a little more efforts. A small change in actions or words said may create the greatest positive impact.

We can rule, we can map our own lives. Will you?


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